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Invitation to Holy Family Canossian School 55th Anniversary Open Day Posted on 19 December 2009

Holy Family Canossian School (HFCS) 55th Anniversary Open Day

HFCS will hold her 55th Anniversary open day on 19th December, 2009.
Below is her invitation to all Holy Familians:

Athletics Meet Posted on 26 November 2009
Athletics Meet 2009

How did you like Athletics Meet when you were in HFCC? Did you make any new time records for track events? Or, did you rather enjoy singing songs and shouting slogans with your house's cheering team? Holy Familians are welcome to join each year's Athletics Meet as audience or runner in the AA 4 x 100m Relay. As you would certainly remember the color of the house you belonged to, we alumnae, with our new identity, get to dress ourselves in vivid orange. It was great pleasure to see that five terms lined up for the relay on the sport ground this year. The winning term members were Cathy Chan (F.7B), Anne-Anita Cheung, Christy Law and Michelle Li. You may recognize some of the faces, who used to be the finest athletes of your time among the photos. Come and have a game with you-don't-know-when-she-graduated famous runners, meet the new record breakers and the energetic cheering teams next year! Click here for more photos!

Mock Interview Posted on 21 November 2009
Mock Interview 2009

The 8th Mock Interview was held on 21 Nov 2009 (Sat) at HFCC. Click here for more photos!

With the assistance of Mrs. Chan, Mrs. Lau and 30 alumnae, the 8th Mock Interview was carried out successfully. The alumnae and a former teacher shared their precious Saturday afternoon as interviewers for 79 of the HFCC students in the Mock Interview in school this year.

Have you heard of the Mock Interview?

It's a popular activity co-organized by the school's Careers and Guidance Team and AA. Through this activity, students of S. 5-7 are given a chance to practice their interviewing skills in order to prepare themselves for the coming university entry interviews and job interviews. We invite alumnae to be our interviewers every year. It is a valuable chance for our S.5-7 students (interviewees) to learn from the alumnae and also an opportunity for the latter to keep their bond with our alma mater. It was particularly rewarding this year to see an interviewer who was an interviewee before. Since she has learned a lot through this activity as a student, she is very happy to share her experience with her little sisters now that she is able to do so.

The Mock Interviewers 2009 include:

Dr. Chung Siu Leung, Dr. Garland Liu, Angel Yip, Aza Lau, Barbara Wong, Emily Kwok, Erin Tin, Flora Mak, Florence Ng, Fonita Tsang, Helen Leung, Helen Tsoi, Hellina Yau, Jacqueline Ng, Jenney Leung, Justina Ko, Karen Luk, Kathy Li, Kristen Wong, Louisa Ko, Mandy Lee, Martha Yeung, Pinky Leung, Rita Lo, Stella Lam, Susanna Mung, Teresa Lam, Teresa Lau, Veronica Mak, Vicki Wong, Wong Lai Sim.

Margaret Chiu (PIC of the event)

Gift articles: Message from the Principal: Realizing Possibilities Posted in November 2009

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Gift articles: Message from ex-co member: New Face of Holy Family Posted in November 2009

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Alumnae's Academic Achievement 2008-09 Posted in September 2009

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New Plasma TV Installed and Activated in Cover Playground Posted in September 2009

As mentioned in last newsletter, we have donated a Plasma TV to the school during the summer. It is installed in the cover playground, near the P.E. storeroom. Since the start of the school term, students can watch news and various subjects-related documentaries during lunch time.

Chairlady's Message in School Magazine 2007-09 Posted in June 2009
Chairlady's Message in School Magazine 2007-09

2008 saw great changes in the Alumnae Association Executive Committee. With three long serving members retiring from office to make way for three energetic fellow alumnae, new life was injected into our team. We always believe that the diverse background and experience of the Committee members will add new dimensions to our work.

The Association aims to provide a network for all the graduates as well as to support our alma mater and our younger sisters at school through participating in various school functions and organizing different events for both alumnae and young Holy Familians.

To complement the school's effort in fostering student growth, we organize career development activities like Mock Interview for the S5 to S7 schoolmates, and the All-Rounder Award Competition that promotes initiative and all-round development. Experience sharing talks and regular chats with individual alumnae are other occasions when the students obtain advice and help when making plans and decisions about their academic and career paths.

Our support for student betterment also takes the form of financial contribution. In 2008, we initiated the AA Scholarship for Academic Award to encourage students to excel in their studies, and for the less well-off students to have the opportunity to broaden their horizons, starting in 2007, we provide annual sponsorship for educational trips to selected students.

In preparation for the new academic structure, our Association donated a TV set to the school so that the students can keep abreast of the development in the world by watching news in the covered playground during lunch time.

To promote the unity and fellowship among our alumnae, our Association hosts an annual dinner around March every year. It is no easy task to organize a party for over 100 people. Yet, when we hear the laughter and see the smiles and hugs as the graduates meet their friends and teachers, all the hard work pays off.

Indeed, we are grateful for the recognition and support we receive as evidenced by the helping hands extended by our alumnae and our little sisters' active participation. We will continue to tap into our network to achieve our goals, and we hope that every one of our graduates will contribute in strengthening the bond among us and with our alma mater.

Anne Anita Cheung

Annual General Meeting & Dinner Posted on 21 March 2009

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All Rounder Award 2008 (Result) Posted on 14 March 2009

The three judges, Ms Teresa Tang, Ms Nancy Cheu and Ms Joan Chan, faced a dilemma in deciding the winner of the All Rounder Award this year. It was happily resolved by awarding the title to the two equally worthy students, Viola Cheung (S7) and Emma Lau (S5).

Viola believed that she had nothing gifted but her determination and hardworking. Talented in music and devoted in participating extracurricular activities like the Hong Kong Union for Young Leaders, Viola displayed active interest and eagerness in the way to self-discovery and self-fulfillment. She emphasized the importance of hardship in actualizing any goals. For instance, knowing about her weakness in Chinese, she began writing blogs and reading Chinese classics. She eventually earned the highest grade in the public exam. Such consciousness of her own potential and capability led Viola into realizing her dream to be an engineer and researcher of communication technology.

With the first public exam ahead of her, Emma confidently presented herself as an admirable candidate with positive attitude and well-balanced life. She excelled in studies while shouldering different school responsibilities like discipline prefect and drama club chairlady, a sign of her leadership and effective time management. She also participated in a wide range of activities including scout, sport, choral speaking, competitions and voluntary services frequently. All these activities did not only reward her with medals and prizes like the best ten teenage models in Hong Kong, but also passion and courage to explore every opportunity to help people and enjoy life.

We wholeheartedly congratulate Viola and Emma and hope that they can fulfill their life goals with same enthusiasm. Also, thank you for the three alumnae who spared their time giving advice to the applicants. We wish to see more and more competent schoolmates applying for the award as a test of their life vision and ability.

Athletics Meet Posted on 5 February 2009

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